Our newest wedding party banner features a bride, groom, four bridesmaids, and four groomsmen. These are shown in red, gray, and black, but we can make them in YOUR wedding colors and with any of our dress styles. If you would like to make any changes in dress style or colors; please make a note of it in the comments section when ordering.Each bridesmaid and bride gown is adorned with a tulle "skirt" and bow, which has been carefully hand stitched...no glue. Wedding gown is available in white or ivory. Banner cutouts are adjustable, so you can place them anywhere on the ribbon. Ribbon measures over 8' long. Gowns measure approximately 5-1/2" tall and 3" wide, not counting the fluffy tulle. Groom tuxedos measure approximately 6" tall x 2.5" wide. Our unique banner is the perfect decoration at a bridal shower or wedding!
This listing includes four bridesmaid dresses, four groomsmen, a bride, and a groom, for a total of ten cutouts. Additional cutouts can be purchased here.Ships in a sturdy, protective box.

Wedding Party Banner with Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids, and Groomsmen